Corporate Profile

Techson Innovation & Technology Ltd. (Techson) is an information technology systems and solution provider in the East Asia region, was born in 1992. Office is operated in Hong Kong and Guangzhou in PRC. We specialized in hardware and software integration, network installation and design.

For over 30 years, Techson has been dedicated to architecting, implementing and supporting dynamic solutions that answer our customers’ needs for improved access to information, easier ways to conduct their business and generating maximum return on their IT investments. In year 2000, Techson steps into another millestone that the software team being established to provide a one-stop solution to our customers.

At Techson, we treat every client relationship uniquely, ensuring that the solutions we deliver are fully customized and designed to compliment your existing environment and grow as your organization grows.


Outsourcing Service

Our professionals will plan, design, develop, implement and support enterprise systems with multiple platform systems and software applications. Techson’s experiences enable us to provide Enterprise System Support Services to companies with small to large Systems infrastructure.

Our services in this area are dedicated to providing the highest degree of reliability on the systems:

• Working towards reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by letting the client concentrate on core business process rather than on systems support and maintenance

• Providing proactive solutions to strengthen the existing infrastructure and scalable solutions for future growth anticipation

• Achieving good knowledge of our clients business processes so that the processes can be streamlined to make the businesses more efficient

• Providing guidance to employees within an organization in proper use of technologies

PC Maintenance and Networking Service

Our maintenance service are based on site-by-site support, it includes dedicated, specialist trained and supported on-site technicians supporting the different platform and all aspects of trouble shooting and immediate fault resolution.

Videoconferencing Equipment Maintenance

We provide on-site diagnostics and repair for the videoconferencing systems and even can give consultation to customer’s local and remote staff to solve equipment or network related problems.

Solution Development

We believe every business is unique, only custom designed solution will meet your specific needs. Only custom design is the final solution. Techson's strong development team provides excellent "Turn Key" solution in custom software application design, database design and web site design.

Our structured development methodology includes definition of user's requirements, functional design, program coding, system testing and system deployment.

An internet booking engine allows a customer to specify their travel requirements such as city of departure, destination, departure date, return date and expect pirce or desired carrier. Once this information is received, the IBE will offer a list of available air tickets, hotels and packages which the customer can book their preferred products through IBE..

The real value of an IBE is in the business rules and processes that package the content and provide the capability to shop and purchase. This includes packaging and pricing rules, customized displays for different customers and channels, business rules, and check out and payment processes.

An IBE is embedded in web page of an customer website to enable easy access for customers. When customers enter their travel preferences the IBE connected to the GDS that receives the relevant information which is then shown to the user in an appropriate interface.

The flights and fares may differ according to type of customer accessing the IBE. The corporate members or frequent flyers may have access to discounted fares or will enjoy privileges such as redemption of loyalty points against the airfare.

Market diversification is an inevitable trend. IBE also offers the capability of booking non-air elements such as hotels and insurance. IBE connected a large content of hotel information via hoteliers or integrated hotel source channel as well.

After the customer has finished selecting their flights, hotel or package they must choose a payment method. Payment on line or visit an travel agency office to complete the purchase theirself. Once the customer has completed the payment process, a Passenger Name Record (PNR) is created in the GDS reservation systems and an E-ticket will be issued accordingly.

In this specified area, Techson has different product to serve our client needs

Air booking engine connected to different GDS

Hotel booking engine connected to various hotelier platform

Auto e-ticketing platform

Mobile apps

System Integration & Migration

Advanced Network Integration & Migration

Techson specializes in providing highly effective network solutions. Asking the right questions and delivering the right answers and solutions is the basis of our service delivery model. We can help you define and analyze crucial issues about the implementation and development of technology plan that supports a business' requirement based on a comprehensive systems analysis and audit. During the course of this engagement the current network environment is reviewed and evaluated, objectives defined, fundamental performance criterion is established and implementation strategies are developed.

In our unique position we have many professionals who have experience in wide range of technologies in diverse markets. Owing to this experience that allows us to aid our customers on the integration of the current networks and the migration to new technologies. Our professional services contain the set-up of infrastructures on a client-server basis, the extension of the existing networks and a complete migration to new technologies in one hand.

Our Services may be contracted for a period of time or on 'as needed' basis. We also offer emergency on-site maintenance package that allows our customers ultimate flexibility.

Audio & Video System Integration

a. Video Conferencing Solution

Videoconferencing facilitates face-to-face meeting environments carrying out conferences without physically locating everyone together in one site, eliminating the need for wasteful traveling time and cost saving.

There are different requirements for different conditions:

Boardroom Systems :

This type of system is best suited for board meetings where considerable amount of presentations are required.

• A clear visibility not only on the presenter but also the presented materials

• Equipping you with large separate screens separating the presenter and the presented data

• Suitable for 12+ participants

Small Room Systems :

This type of system is best suited for face to face discussions and quick decision makings.

• Suitable for the private use of executives in their offices

• Small all in one unit for less formalize situations

• Small meetings of 2+ participants

Set-top Systems :

This type of system are designed to be used in small to medium meeting rooms.

• Compact and portable

• Provides the basic need for a videoconference

• Can be used with any television set

b. Advanced Control Systems

Touch panel is the most versatile of all system panels, reducing complex electronic environments into simple, understandable graphic images that respond to your touch. The software-driven images can change and adapt as your system evolves.

Axcess Controller is components that perform the direct "handshake" to the various elements of a user's system, such as video projectors and switchers, tape and disc players, audio components, computers, video cameras and lenses, and lighting. Linked together over a high-speed 4-wire data bus, network or Internet, AMX controllers tie together the variety of dissimilar parts into a unified network for control.